Can You Fix Botched Lip Injections?


Ever since the Kylie Jenner Challenge hit the net, it seems like people will go to extreme lengths to get a plumper pout. Obviously, doing that weird act with a shot glass won’t give you an Instagram-worthy pout. Getting lip injections, though, will. In fact, that’s how Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian got their sexy kissers. 

The Rise of Lip Injections

Blame it on Instagram culture, or blame it on the Kardashians, but there is a legitimate rise in lip injections going on in the world. More offices than ever before are now offering up lip injections at their locations, and people are asking for it on a fairly regular basis. It’s now one of the most common procedures among younger women. 

But, with the rise of lip injections comes a major pitfall. More injections means more botched procedures. It’s just a matter of numbers, too. Even so, more people than ever before are wondering what they can do if they have a botched procedure happening to them. 

Fixing a Botched Injection Session

One of the most rapidly-growing botched surgery fixes on the market is lip injection corrections. Dr. Philip J. Miller can attest to it; the rhinoplasty surgeon has witnessed an increased uptake in demand for it in his own New York office. 

“To a point, it’s a relief seeing that patients are now speaking up about botched injections,” he explained. “A while back, most people who had lip injections simply assumed nothing could be done and that they’d have to wait until the injections they had would dissolve.” 

Dr. Miller pointed out that the vast majority of botched lip injections are not only correctable, but also fairly affordable to correct. In his eyes, it really doesn’t make sense to stay with a botched procedure now that people realize that correction is available. 

How Do You Correct A Botched Injection?

The vast majority of lip injections are based on Hyaluronic Acid fillers, also known as HLA fillers. This actually makes it really easy to fix. As a rhinoplasty expert and top rated cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Miller made a point of explaining how simple most HLA fixes can be. 

“We have injections that can dissolve HLA bonds and make the botched injections disappear,” he explains. “Once we get rid of the complications, you can get your fillers redone and hopefully see better results.”

That being said, not all injections are that simple to correct. Some complications resulting from botched lip injections or enhancements can require surgery, though it’s rare that things will ever get to that point. Asking your plastic surgeon about your options can help you determine what you’re able to do. 

Worried that your future injections might be botched? Dr. Miller was quick to point out one last bit of advice for people who are contemplating lip injections. He explained, “This procedure is one of the safest and most recommended on the market right now. Fixing it is usually affordable and quick. Don’t let a couple of horror stories prevent you from becoming a better you.”

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