5 Ways To Creep Out Any Girl

If you are a fan of CreepyCupid, or if you’re just having a really, really awful date and want to ensure that the female sitting across the table from you will never speak to you again, you may be wondering how to creep out a woman sufficiently. Though most guys (and girls) have creepy habits, these five options will definitely have girls running faster than Olympic marathoners.

  1. Openly discuss a fetish on the first date. Want to be a creep? Go ahead. Talk to her about her feet. Or, better still, come to the date in a full gimp suit. This will definitely raise an eyebrow.
  2. Make sure that you bring up mommy issues ASAP. Nothing is more creepy to a girl than finding out that her potential date has a major Oedipal complex. In fact, any sort of major, deep-rooted issues pertaining to a bizarre, messed up relationship with your mom will work out great. If she has any common sense whatsoever, she’ll bolt.
  3. Stare. You know the type of stare I’m talking about. It’s the same stare that one would imagine John Wayne Gacy, Ed Gein, or the local neighborhood peeping tom would do. Make sure to not stop doing it, and don’t say anything while you do it.
  4. If you are in a public area, make sure that you ask inappropriate questions. If she feels uncomfortable and tries to change the subject, make sure to return to the subject. Nothing is creepier than disrespecting boundaries.
  5. Act like a stereotypical desperate person. Make sure to let girls know that you are looking for the mother of their baby. You need babies. Lots of babies. Right now. RIGHT NOW. Make sure to call them a million times after the date, text them incessantly, and do anything possible to bug them. Perfect!

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