Botox: Break Up’s New Pint of Ice Cream

Newly Single?



Back to trying to find love in a hopeless place…online!

Well, first thing is first. Let’s address the elephant in the room- filters, photo-shop apps, and angles, all contributing to the drastic alteration of one’s pictures on social dating profiles in order to entice potential new boyfriends and girlfriends. It’s a pretty aggressive tactic in the new millennial, but it is the sad reality. After a breakup, most individuals make a mad dash and hop back on their phones, diving full throttle into the exploration of online dating!

Problem is, what happens when people aren’t living up to their photos in real life? Don’t you have enough problems than to show up somewhere only to find out who you thought resembled Zac Efron really looks like Zack Galifianakis? (Who is actually not looking to shabby these days, p.s.)

-And trust me, that works both ways, too. We all know you didn’t truly “wake up like dis” either. Whether you have been ditched, rejected, or even seemingly  the one in control, no one likes to likes to feel like they have been duped by another’s false advertisement after meeting face to face, or feel their own pressures and inadequacies while attempting seduction via Tinder. Bottom line, when you are finally ready to give love another go, Valencia can only do so much.

For this reason, newly single people are taking great measures to look “picture perfect” in real life to find a partner. The shift in trend is being labeled, “Breakup Botox”. Botox is acting as the solution for you to actually appear as the person you claim look like on your social dating accounts. Dermal fillers allow you to achieve the desired aesthetic so you won’t feel like you cat-fished someone you are interested in, or worse, someone who has duped you!


Why use mobile editing tools when you can just go to a leading plastic surgeon who specializes in the non-invasive?

Invasive is out and fillers are the new filters!

Broken-Hearted, Breakup Botox 

As the new cure for the broken-hearted, botox is simply more progressive than your typical new haircut, sex with strangers, and standard low-budget vodka. Men and women are jumping on the botox bandwagon. Some experts attribute the benefits of Botox to go beyond the surface and the physical. Scientific research is now associating botox injections with your mood. The lack of frown lines aided by botox injections will no longer send the specific cues to the brain which can fuel depression. A positive outlook and attitude will be key to picking yourself up off the ground and starting over.

Along with the obvious physical benefits of a new, younger, and more improved looking you, comes confidence. When you look good, you feel good. The combination is deadly in the dating game. Let your ex eat their heart out when they see you in person and not just in your latest upload. It’s so much more legit.

Bump into your ex at the grocery store? No need to stress. Jealously will naturally ensue, which will leave you feeling better than ever! When you see this happen, jump start your engine because your are officially ready to move on. Remember true beauty is beyond skin deep. After a breakup, comes a makeover. Just make sure your soul is fed and happiness is a priority.

Injection Initiative

Getting an edge on the competition, among the Plenty of Fish in the sea, is necessary to stand out for Cupid’s arrow to find a clear and direct path to your heart! Botox has become just another standard part of the mourning process leading in the evolution to your next chance at amore. Since individuals automatically feel less attractive as their age instantly becomes highlighted after the demise of a relationship, people are leaving it to the professionals for their revamped makeovers to be launched back onto the dating scene.

On the other end of the spectrum, some people let themselves go a bit post breakup, while others reboot and thrive with their new look. Botox can be the dose of confidence for you to comfortably get back to riding the horse, metaphorically speaking of course. For some doctors, this raises an ethical issue. There is a level of responsibility cosmetic surgeons have to ensure an individual is selecting procedures and treatments for the right reasons. An individual’s mental stability and maturity is key in determining whether or not a person is ready for the transformation, no matter how subtle or natural the outcome may be.

Toxic Relationships and Breakups

There is little to no pain or discomfort when filling in the lines and wrinkles with Botox. Especially, nothing in comparison to a life-changing split between star-crossed lovers. So whatever a person’s motivations may be, we’re guessing the relationship may have been just a smidgen more toxic than any filler!

Not to mention, isn’t looking good always the best revenge?

Make the other person see what they are missing with “Breakup Botox” !

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