How I Met My Soulmate

While I was in college I worked for a financial institution. It was awesome and then it was taken over by another financial group. It was fine for a while until there were talks about layoffs. I worked with many older people and many of them had families. There was a panic. There were very few Millennials where we worked. I did however notice this very handsome guy from the other side of the building. He had dark blonde hair and these amazing blue eyes. He was very tall and just gorgeous. My friends and I wanted to know who he was. I never got the opportunity to meet him. The bank finally began the second phase of layoffs. They had people doing my job in another state due to the merger so I was dispensable. Given the circumstances, it gave me the opportunity to be a worry-free college student for a semester.

The very next day after the layoffs, I was invited to a Halloween party. My friend Andrea invited me and I could not say no. After all, I needed to cheer up. I walk in dressed in a Rasta Imposta Sailor costume. I knew I looked hot in some red thigh highs and the super cute costume. We entered a very big old Victorian house set on a few acres. There were cookie jars on shelves on every wall. It was a very impressive collection. I decided to have a few drinks since I had a DD. I felt very happy and social. I make my way past the staircase and I see the gorgeous guy from the bank about to go up the staircase. I smiled and acted fast. “Hey, I know you from somewhere?” I said loudly and he did a 180 and stepped down. “You look very familiar.” He replied. “Are you friends with Andrea M_____?” I asked (even though I knew exactly where I knew him from.) “No, but you look really familiar,” he replied clearly checking me out. I knew I had the upper hand. “Do you go to Rutgers?” “No, do you?” he replied. “Yes, I go there. Wait, do you work at ____ Financial?” “Yes! I do, I just transitioned to the online department.” “They just laid off a large number of us yesterday,” I said. “It’s all because of the merger,” he replied. “I know. At least I now have a chance to be a college student without a full-time job.” “Cheers to that,” He replied. We hit it off so well. Everyone could see the instant chemistry we had, even his awful ex. You know that saying, you don’t know what you have until it’s gone, or the one, they only want you when you’re wanted…that is exactly what happened. My Soulmate is absolutely gorgeous, but he is a nerd. The beauty of it is that I was too and we had many similarities. I met back up with Andrea and her significant other (at the time) who was our DD. Andrea looks at me and says, “It looks like you hit it off with that guy. Do you know him?” “That’s the guy everyone our age in our building thought was drop dead gorgeous and had no idea who he was. Thank God I got laid off because I definitely want to date him,” I said drunkenly. “Did you get his number?” Andrea asked. “Yes, he gave it to me before I could ask.” I could feel my cheeks were super flushed and I was absolutely happy.

The next day I received a text from my Soulmate to grab a drink with him at PJs. I was so excited. I made sure my blonde hair looked full and did my make up better than the night he saw me. I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and I was eager to upgrade with my Soulmate. We talked about everything. We easily spent 3 hours talking about our lives. We were fascinated by each other’s accomplishments. I did notice he kept receiving text messages. He was honest and told me it was his ex. They were still good friends because just like myself, he had dated her since high school. My ex, who I had broken up with three weeks before my layoff, and I had dated since I was 16 years old. I was understanding about the situation and respected him for not having a bad dramatic break up because it showed his maturity. I also did not want to be the jealous girlfriend. We were ready to call it a night and we got lost in each other’s gaze and we kissed.

My heart felt like it was skipping beats I was thrilled with everything that happened. I called Andrea to tell her all of the details. I also told her how his ex kept texting him the entire time. “Yeah, that’s shady.” “I know, but if something was really going on, it would be likely he would hide it from me. Plus, we just started dating I don’t want to be the jealous type. If he keeps doing it, I will make sure other guys text me to see how he likes it,” I said with a smirk on my face knowing how easy that would be. We both laughed. The next day, I went to my classes happily and well rested. It was a while since I could get decent sleep and go to class energized. After class, I looked at my phone and saw my Soulmate texted me. I went to the library to finish my essay and realized I got all of it done over the weekend. I proofread my work and printed it so I could bring it to class the next morning. I asked my Soulmate what he was doing later and he asked me if I wanted to come watch the World Series at Cherrywood. Our favorite team was losing and his ex kept blowing up his phone. This time I wanted to just lose my cool and call him out on it, but he put his phone on silence and gave me his attention. The game became depressing so he invited me over his house. He still lived with his parents. I was so nervous, but they were the nicest people I ever met. It was so refreshing. (My ex’s parents were very cold Republicans.) They were going to bed early and asked us to stay because it was snowing. I had no idea what they meant by it, but it was so early in the relationship for me to accept I said I lived nearby. The snow that evening was light. So we went downstairs to his floor. We were talking for a while and he gazed at me again. We began kissing this time it was the most intense kiss I ever had. He tickled the nape of my neck and began kissing it. I took his shirt off just to look at his six-pack. His gorgeous dirty blonde hair and his intense blue eyes lured me into his bedroom. He was so slick, he put on a cd of very seductive alternative rock and I knew I was in love.

I didn’t stay. I went home. My heart was racing. I could not wait to see him again; however, my schoolwork came first. I had to begin putting together my materials for my finals. I was so obsessed with my Soulmate, I would freak out when I did not hear from him. I got a call from his guy friend he introduced me to that he went out with his brother, my Soulmate and his ex was there and she was throwing herself at him. This made me mad because he lied to me about his whereabouts. He could have told me he went out with them. I felt something was wrong because I did not give him the impression that he could not be honest with me. I was hurt. I invited him over my apartment on campus. We talked for a while and the same thing happened again. His ex was blowing up his phone. The culmination of events that occurred finally made me blow up. “Look, if she is blowing up your phone every time we hang out, she still likes you. You keep answering her, so it’s mutual. You can go back to her. I understand. She has been with you for a very long time. I do value our friendship. We can talk about anything and it’s wonderful, but I think you should go back to her,” I said. He looked at me confused and said nothing. He grabbed his belongings and left my apartment. I text his cell and apologized. He replied, “It’s ok.” He gave me the silent treatment for three years. Now, we live together.

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