Cancer Connection

I’m 27 and was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer a year ago and went through brain surgery. I’m very private about my cancer because I don’t want people to treat me differently. I wasn’t really into dating after my diagnoses but decided to give online dating a shot. I met a guy off an online dating site and in our first phone conversation we started speaking about bluetooth, and being the comedian he is he made a remake about how “he hates blue tooth because he wants brain cancer”. Wasn’t really that funny, but I kinda laughed. We met up a couple days later, and within 20 mins into our date he said “I should probably tell you this now, I have bone cancer”. My mouth dropped and I smiled and said “I can’t believe you just said that”. He was immediately curious as to my weird reaction because I was smiling. Not really a normal reaction. Then I told him I have brain cancer. He jumped out of his chair and we sat there in silence for about 2 whole mins just staring at each other, in shock. We are both young, attractive and intelligent. No one on the planet would guess that we both have cancer. It’s nice to see I’m not the only one going through this crap. The best first date of my life!!

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