OKC-Not anymore

So this is two different cases of what happened when I attempted to use OKC for online dating. I just gotten out of a rough two year-nearly three years of a relationship and I was hurt and some stuff happened, that is to personal to speak of. So I got on made my profile was happy with the site so far, plenty of people to attempt to talk to. Now I won’t say I’m this horrid ugly girl or whatever but I’m average, yea I’m plus sized what not but it didn’t bother me. I had a few near dates had a lot of creeps was used to it and it was gonna be ok. Well this first experience ended with me ok, and just odd at college.

Lets say his name is Ryan well, I was on the site just browsing saw his profile a few times said why not and messaged him. It started pretty good, we talked about various things and we thought about meeting but never set a date up. Well I convinced him to go into college get a degree even a basic one, he thought about it, but we never went back to the subject. Well Start of Fall semester of this year walked into my Western Civ 1 class and sat near the front got through class and was either in the Student Union or sitting at home when I get a message a creepy one. It was like “so I think I saw you today and this is what you were wearing” instantly im spooked because I thought it was freaky he knew what I was wearing. Come to find out, he was the guy that sat behind me in that class. Well our class was moved to a closer building and we sat with each other. I noticed he didn’t look like his profile pic, it was a little different and he wasn’t clean shaven. Well it was alright, we got along good. We went out ONCE not as a date but as friends it was fun but we ended up at the water view area, (think of it as make out point) we didn’t do crap just talked, i helped him get a game emulator on his phone for Pokemon. Red flag time, he mentioned how he just dumped his girlfriend a few weeks ago. I was like alright not that nice of a guy, we left got lost finally got home was cool. Well what made it so creepy and him so freaky was we had a project to do together, did not work out the program killed my laptop and it died, and told the teacher can’t do it, I’m leaving the class and then voiced my reasons. I told the guy exactly what I told the teacher and thus i said hey its my fault too what not, the guy FLIPPED OUT on me saying “he saw how I truly was that I was trying to make him look bad etc and how he had half the project done.” (He didn’t all he gave me was a half page of notes not even half a page like 3 lines). I was like you know what? whatever go to hell what not. Come to find out from one my good friends, that the same guy tried to get with a girl who ended up dating my friend. (and I don’t mean making out, he tried to get her to screw him and wasn’t to nice about it. She kicked his ass and left) and found out he did the same thing with another girl. She also kicked his ass. Well now he’s always at college with me, he sits near me at times and its so funny because I being who I am talks about a guy I am currently working out dating. The fact that I almost dated a guy that was almost a attempted attacker freaked me out and I refuse to go with anyone from OKC.

Second story, this ones even better. A guy messaged me saying how pretty and beautiful I was, I was taken aback because its not normal. (lets say his name is Sam) Well I check out his profile and what hits me the most is how he talks about sports and his life and such, kinda over demanding in a way. Then I notice he says hes open to Casual Sex. uh nuh no way in hell am I gonna get near a guy like that. I give him excuse after excuse as to why I’m not available, no car, no permit I have work and college the works. And he kept begging me to meet him pressuring me saying he just wanted an hour of my time he’d drive to see me (hes only a state away less than 40 minutes or so) and I’m like I give you reasons and you won’t respect them and finally I say I ain’t interested we aren’t matching and hes like I won’t beg you for your time and I say look I have another guy that I’m into etc and he messaged me back, not sure what he said, tryin to keep it from going to crazy. But I finally had to tell him I’m into another guy lol. He got mad because I was gonna meet a guy in a closer town than him and I was like I’ve been talking to him for a year or so not you. He got so mad. But that’s why you block a creep.

Just a warning to any young girls reading these stories or my own. Is all true 100% and I am prolly not much older than you (I’m 21) just know if you go on a dating site ALWAYS be careful and use Google’s reverse image search to your advantage and check user names etc. If they give you a first and last name ALWAYS CHECK IT. Have fun and be safe. I know I’ll be a lot better at who I meet or talk to lol.

Not So Happy Ending

So, I feel like for some reason the craziest things happen to me as far as relationships and dating goes. I started talking to this guy Max, who I met on POF. He messaged me first saying ” You are by far the most attractive girl on here” He was super cute and I was excited to see if it would go anywhere. We started texting frequently, and would talk on the phone. After our phone call things got kind of weird and intense. He asked me if I wanted kids soon, because on my page it said I was undecided, he also said that if we worked out if I would move to New Jersey with him for his new job. After talking for a week or two, he was going to book a hotel and come visit/ meet me. He had just moved back to Buffalo, NY and I was in Virginia. So, I figured well we may as well meet and if he is willing to drive 7 hours and spend money to stay in a nice hotel then he seems genuine. However, after opening up to eachother he told me about how he used to live in Japan and was married, and before me he would only date Japanese girls who did not speak english. That raised a flag for me but again was not a turn off. The thing that did it for me was he told me if we date that I am not allowed to hang out with guy or be friends with any, and on nights I would go out he would text me telling to make sure I do not talk to any males or do anything stupid with them. What a hypocrite because then I found out he was messaging other girls, one being my friend and planning dates while he was in town supposively just to meet/ visit me. I called him out on it and he lied and said I was crazy and well that was that.


I consider myself very good at detecting liars, because like any female who meets a guy online, she brings out her inner FBI agent in order to search information on the guy she is conversing with. I started talking to this guy named Ryan, that I met on POF. He seemed polite and engaging at first. We exchanged numbers, but told me that because the law firm he works at has strict texting privacies, that it would be easier to communicate through the messaging app KIK and gave me his phone number anyways. We went back and forth asking each other questions about our beliefs, our families, and our goals in life. After days of messaging back and forth, I was so excited that I though I had met a nice genuine guy. He had made plans with me to meet up Friday at one of the restaurants in between our locations. It almost seemed too good to be true, and that is exactly what it turned out to be. He would send me pictures of him at work, and ask my opinions on his daily outfits for court, so for a while I thought this was really the guy I was talking to. You can’t make up selfies, right? or so I thought. Then one day he accidentally sent me a picture of him in an elevator that he said was him currently, but he sent me that 2 days before. Right, then and there I had this gut feeling something was not right. I immediately remembered about google image search and how to use it. So I copied his pof profile picture to it and 5-6 profiles in different states popped up. I could not believe it, I was so angry but more embarassed I let this happen to myself. After being enraged, I texted him and could not believe this. I got no response and shortly after his POF profile got deleted, number changed and kik account disappeared. My personal note to self is if it seems to good to be true, it probably is. So becareful ladies.