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After a string of completely unsuccessful dates meeting men the old fashioned way, I opted for the accelerated version. I posted an add on CL. I should mention I am above average attractive, and I POSTED ON CL. My post was almost more of a rant to my bad previous dates. It sited things like, doesn’t live with parents, has a job, is okay with physical activities, doesn’t deal drugs, and can afford to go on a date without complaining about being broke. In the short 1 hour time period before I was flagged and removed, (likely by a little troll that lives in his parents basement, and lives on Ramien) I could provide several entertaining stories.
However the best went as follows- Guy and I email, then text, then talk over the course of several weeks. Our first phone call started with him calling from his house phone (who has those?) and he pretended to be trying to order a prostitute. I guess that’s a thing with being hot, and posting on CL?? After we got through that very confusing moment we proceeded to have a great convo for over 2 hours! After awhile we decided to meet. After several failed attempts we finally find we can catch a spur of the moment meet, and he suggests his house. Believe it or not, this part went fine! We watched an old school movie, he taught me how to shoot a gun (okay slightly eccentric, and odd), and he showed me his craft projects and chickens. At this point, I’m pretty much conceded to the fact that while he is entertaining this is never going to work. We go to the bar to shoot some pool. He then shows me one arm is extreamly underdeveloped compared to the other. This kills a one night stand as well since, for that I’m picky. Then he starts getting allot of phone calls. He does his best to ignore them but finally concedes and takes the call. He gets of the phone and immediately starts asking me whats visible in my car, and if it’s obviously female. He lets me know that his “ex” is asking questions since she lives a block away. I ask if she would do anything to my car. He say’s “Well…. She’s Brazilian so theres no telling” I then find out there entire relationship history. They broke up 2 weeks ago, we’ve been talking on and off for three. Meanwhile I’m really just worrying over my poor defenseless car. On a good note, my car remained undamaged. Needless to say I ignored him from that point on.

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