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I had been talking to this one guy for a while who seemed pretty cool. I thought that he was attractive, intelligent, and had some things in common with me, so when he asked to meet up, I agreed. I was nervous because it was my first time going on a date with anyone from the internet, but I convinced myself to go anyway. The date starts off pretty badly when he arrives about 10-15 minutes late, but I didn’t really mind at the time. Then he speaks to me, and I discover that he has a very high-pitched voice and a lisp. Anyways, I tried to look past that and make the best of the date. When I spoke to him, he very obviously stared at my boobs the entire time. I thought this was a little much, as I am pretty average in that regard, but it got to the point where I was embarrassed for him and pretended to not notice him gawking. The conversation was pretty awkward at first, and then became even more awkward when he began criticizing anything I would say. I was telling him about some research I had done at my university, and he accused me of lying about certain aspects of it. He also began criticizing my use of words. It got to the point where I just didn’t want to talk anymore because of how critical he was being. Despite how uninterested in me he seemed, he appeared nervous. He was visibly shaking and even dropped his sushi because he was shaking so much. His voice was shaky as well. When we got ready to pay for dinner, he gets out a shit ton of quarters and pays in all quarters. The poor waitress had to count all of the quarters out, and then he didn’t even leave her a tip. I tipped twice as much, because I felt so bad. When we get ready to leave, he tried to kiss me, but I fucking dodged it. I was really surprised he even tried due to how rude he had been to me the entire time. So the next day, I talked to him on OKCupid, and he went on and on about how nervous he thought I looked. I didn’t bring up how nervous he looked, but I did disable my account that day. I eventually enabled it again, but that first OKCupid date was almost my last.

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