I’m 25/m. I’ve been an off and on again member of the site for almost two years. In that time, I’ve met some pretty interesting people, a few of them becoming really good friends. Nothing that has led to a serious relationship though. I’ve also met a ton of crazies…and I’ve made the mistake of meeting some of them in person. Most of them fall into the category of bipolar/super possessive/having severe low self esteem, but there are a few situations that stand out from the rest. I’d like to share with you the story of the only time in my life that I genuinely thought I was going to die. This one girl…we were sending messages back in forth over the course of about a month, just talking about movies/hobbies/shared interests and whatnot. I had no real intention of meeting this girl in person, but the conversation was interesting at least. So one day out of the blue, she asks me if we can hang out sometime. Sure, I said. What can go wrong, I said. So she shows up at my house the same day, even. She was pretty socially awkward, that was the first thing I noticed. That’s all right though, most people that use a dating site are pretty socially awkward, myself included. We hang out and play some video games for a while, all is going well. We then decide to leave and go somewhere for some food. She offers to take us in her car, and I relent to going along. Big mistake. So not only is she driving about 40 mph over the speed limit, but she is also driving over roundabouts, completely obliterating the shrubbery in the middle, and the shocks in her very tall truck were pretty much non-existent, so I felt like we were going to tip over every time she made a turn. We were also driving at night without any headlights. I shouldn’t be alive. I have a ton of other stories I could share, but I’ve already felt like I’ve written a wall of text.

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