I’m a dumbass

First of all, let me just get this out of the way: I’m a dumbass.

I definitely should not have gotten into this situation to begin with. Having said that, here’s what happened. I had been talking to this girl for a while, both on OKC and facebook. We were having trouble finding a time to meet. Finally, we decided earlier this week that we were going to meet. I’m a musician, and I had a gig last night, so we decided to meet after that. I felt like I knew this girl pretty well after some pretty long conversations spanning about 2 weeks, and we both were fairly avid cannabis users, so we decided to just meet somewhere and smoke.

I get to the parking lot where we agreed to meet and jump in her car. We smoke, and we’re not exactly hitting it off. (I have this thing where when I get high, I can’t shut the fuck up. This is clearly turning her off.) I had pretty bad cottonmouth, so I suggest we go get something to drink. We go to this convenience store and she decides she’s going to wait in her car. I run in, grab a drink, come out and she is gone.

She made off with an 1/8th of weed, my bubbler, and my fucking car keys. It’s 11:30, and I’m all kinds of fucked. I walked back to my car, it’s fucking pouring rain, I’m 30 minutes from my house, and I find that one of my fucking windows was open. I get in my car (thankfully I left it unlocked), and try to get in touch with her. The rain is soaking me though my cracked window and I’m fucking freezing. She won’t answer my calls or texts, I tried to send her a facebook message, but she just unfriended and blocked me. I thought about sending her an okcupid message (she was online), but it’s hard enough to get girls to respond even before they rob you, amirite?

So, like a drunk fucking teenager, I call my mom and ask her to come and drop off my spare key. Not my proudest moment. Edit: She dropped the keys off at a nearby(near her, far as fuck from me) grocery store and had them call me. I guess I feel “lucky,” but it definitely still sucks.

I’m out ~$100, but I learned some very valuable lessons and a little bit of humility. As fun as it is to think about some “petty revenge” and other retaliatory fantasies, I think I’ll just let this one go. Still, I hope terrible things happen to her. Edit #2: Thanks to everyone who offered advice and supportive/kind words! You guys have really helped me feel a bit better. For the record, I did not drive stoned, and I never planned to. That shit wears off, you know?

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