Looking for a 50 Shades experience?

Looking for a 50 Shades experience? Do you want to have your very own, powerful, sexy, bad-boy, Christian Grey, type experience? Have you fantasized about giving up control, being dominated, and having a submissive experience? Filmed so you can watch yourself later, over and over. Are you looking for someone who can remove his silk tie, bind your hands, and take you to the ultimate brink of pleasure and pain? Well, I am looking for a bad girl who would like to experience the submissive lifestyle for the night. Learn obedience & servitude or reap the delicious consequences at the end of my firm bare hand, a paddle, a wooden cane, belt and vibrator. To be qualified, this very naughty lady will want to spend a few hours being dominated, bound, whiped, spanked, pleasured, & punished for her decadent ways.

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One thought on “Looking for a 50 Shades experience?

  1. Only if it means the money part of Christian Grey is included.

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