Not So Happy Ending

So, I feel like for some reason the craziest things happen to me as far as relationships and dating goes. I started talking to this guy Max, who I met on POF. He messaged me first saying ” You are by far the most attractive girl on here” He was super cute and I was excited to see if it would go anywhere. We started texting frequently, and would talk on the phone. After our phone call things got kind of weird and intense. He asked me if I wanted kids soon, because on my page it said I was undecided, he also said that if we worked out if I would move to New Jersey with him for his new job. After talking for a week or two, he was going to book a hotel and come visit/ meet me. He had just moved back to Buffalo, NY and I was in Virginia. So, I figured well we may as well meet and if he is willing to drive 7 hours and spend money to stay in a nice hotel then he seems genuine. However, after opening up to eachother he told me about how he used to live in Japan and was married, and before me he would only date Japanese girls who did not speak english. That raised a flag for me but again was not a turn off. The thing that did it for me was he told me if we date that I am not allowed to hang out with guy or be friends with any, and on nights I would go out he would text me telling to make sure I do not talk to any males or do anything stupid with them. What a hypocrite because then I found out he was messaging other girls, one being my friend and planning dates while he was in town supposively just to meet/ visit me. I called him out on it and he lied and said I was crazy and well that was that.

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