“Oh, but you will like it.” – Super creepy

I was having a normal, everyday lunch, then my friend decided to come up behind me and partially hug me. I thought nothing of it but asked him why he did that. He proceeded to tell me that it was he, “felt like it”, and that “It was a joke, but not really.” I assumed it was a joke, so we headed off to class together like always. On the way there he was like. “But you know you liked it” and when I told him, “I don’t know about that.” He said, “Oh, but you will like it.” Now that kinda freaked me out. I was thinking of why he would say something like that.
The next day I asked him about it and he was like, “I don’t remember saying that. I was asleep all lunch.” He wasn’t under any influence, so I was dumbfounded. I was WITH HIM. He was definitely not asleep at all. I couldn’t believe he denied it all. I was sorta creeped out like any sane human being (probably) would be.
It stopped for a while so I felt normal around him again. Then just yesterday, I went to the pep rally and I was surrounded on all sides by my friends (we were on the bleachers.) He looked at the area right beside me (both sides) and was like, “I have nowhere to sit,” when there was plenty of seats a couple people down and above me. Soon after, my friends had to help a sad acquaintance of mine and the seats were empty. He sat super close to me and then the pep rally started. I was so uncomfortable. At some point during the pep rally, he looked sad so I said, “You ok?” and he was like, “Yea…I just zoned out. *says mostly to himself, quietly –>* I was thinking about you mostly. I heard him and was thinking of all the red flags with this dude. At the end, he was like, “I like someone and I don’t know how to tell her.” SO I said, “It depends on who it is. Wanna tell me who?” And then he hit with a, “You.” Aghhhh. Whhhy.
On the way out of the pep rally, he followed me out and kept following me up until my class- which is on the opposite side of the building- then left. We immediately went to lunch and he sat on the table directly behind me. I felt watched. At this point, I was really freaked out. I was kinda scared for my life. I turned around to find him staring at me with a very serious face. He then decided to (VERY weirdly/creepily) lick in my direction. He gave me this weird smile afterward. I was so done. I was scared of what he might do. We are both in ROTC and when we go camping, there is a point in time (late in the night) where they let us loose to wherever. Camp is coming up and that would be the perfect opportunity. But anyways, on the way back from lunch is was scared for my life and just wanted to go home.
I try my best to avoid him, but he doesn’t pick up on any social cues at all. I have in my first, then lunch. Not a lot, right? Wrong. I see him in the halls all the time.
And one last thing: The first time he did anything he said something about him, sex, and me. The was like, “Just kidding!” Haha. Yea. Hope this makes the cake, ’cause it sure did for me.

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