Oh man, the stories I have. I’m 28 and have been off and on OKC for about two years as well, but luckily I’ve met two ex girlfriends through the site. Here’s just a taste of some of the people I’ve gone out with…all have been within the past year…. An individual who used another person’s pictures as their own. During the date they had a negative spin on everything I said. They also had only negative opinions on EVERYTHING. Any opinion I had was immediately shot down, and any effort to find positive things to talk about was pointless. They also suggested seeing “Cowboys vs Aliens”. An individual who after a single two hour coffee date assumed we were in a relationship. I was berated by texts for days following the date. As an example, if I didn’t respond to one, she sent three more. An individual who assumed we were in a relationship after we exchanged numbers. An individual who told me ten minutes into meeting (she arrived a few moments before I did) that I needed to drink, because the fact I wasn’t drinking made her uncomfortable; she dated someone who was Mormon who didn’t drink and she didn’t like that. There was an hour wait for tables at the restaurant we went to, so the bar was packed with only two bartenders running around like nuts. After we got the table, I was then later told that if I wanted to solve a respiratory condition I have, I need to swear off of meat and dairy, because this would cure the said condition. Oh yeah, did I mention she suggested the restaurant we went to because she checked out the menu and thought it looked good and sounded good, only to find out there she couldn’t eat 90% of it because she’s vegan? An individual who I had spoken to for hours upon hours via text, IM, and e-mail and felt I had a general connection. We were a 97% match, and within a day of starting e-mailing we were IMing from 9 to 3am in the morning for three days straight. After we set up a date, two days later I receive an e-mail (not a phone call mind you, or text, she had my number) that the “date was off” because she met someone else. It was a single one sentence e-mail. It wasn’t even worded kindly, it was a very brunt and rude e-mail actually. An individual who, come to find out, was engaged. More no call no shows than I can count. More no responses to setting up the meeting location/location we were going to than I can count. Countless awkward dates with forced conversations on my end, because I couldn’t get more than one word answers from my date, than I can count. Yeah, I’m at the point I’m about to give up on OKC actually.

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