Hello out there my fellow internet addicts. If you are like me u are takin a break from facebook and lookin for a creepy story to read.

Well I have a hell of a story for u and its a true story that happened to me!!!! About 10 years ago me and 2 other friends planed a trip to the weed mecca of the world amsterdam. Now around this time medical weed stores where not az popular and available az they are now.

So we all packed up and hopped on the next thing smokin to amsterdam. When we got there everything was pretty normal we went to a renta car place and got a honda civic for the weekend. Then we checked into our hotel to unpack all of our stuff, once we where done we hit the town. We met so many beautiful women that loved american men!! And got drunk on lots of drinks none of us never heard of. After awhile of just hangin out we all decided we wanted to get high and smoke this great weed all our friends back home told us about. After some askin around we found a coffee shop not too far from our hotel room.

While we were there we enjoyed everything it had to offer!! We had edibles, hash, and the best kush money can buy. We had a great time talkin and gettin wasted!! Lol so after 3 or 4 hours we all were ready to turn it in for the night. So we all left and headed for our hotel room, now the coffee shop was maybe 15 or 20 minutes away from our hotel so we didn’t bother to bring the car az to save on gas. As we walked down the street I started to notice somethin weird, we had been walkin for nearly a hour now and we still were no where near our room. Then I also started to notice that the street we were walkin on was eerie and dead quiet wit not a soul around. But considerin the fact that we all were prettu wasted I didn’t pay it no mind.

Then after 30 more minutes had past one of my friends turns to me and say I think we are lost, and me being a very stubborn person denied it which started an argument betweeb me and my good friend. While me and him were goin at it my very very wasted other friend all of a sudden slips on a glass bottle, and fall very hard on his side breakin the bottle beside him. Az me and my friend Laughing our ass off we notice some blood coming from our friends arm. Once he got up we then saw that he had a pretty nast gash on his 4arm. After wrappin it up with his spare tshirt we decided to just walk to a near by hospital and get him taken care of, a decision I will alwayz regret!!! Az I said before the street was dead quiet with no people in sight and it was around 2am so we knew we could not just knock on some random persons door.

So we kept walkin hoping somewhere along the way we would find someone, after another hour of walkin we finally saw someone in the distance. From where we were it looked like a guy leaining against a lightpole. So we happily started walking fast towards him, I remember havin a weird feeling as we got closer to the lone figure just standing there. It seemed liked the closer we got the more the feeling kept nagging at me, after a couple minutes we finally reached him. Once we got to him I noticed the man looked old around 60 or 70 and he was smoking a cigarette that never seemed to go down or create ash. I also noticed he had this creepy look on his face a look like he knew somethin we didn’t kno and when we did find out what it is it would be too late. So az we told the old man about what happened and that we need a hospital he didn’t speak a word or change the exspression on his face he just point down the street to this hugh buildin with the word mercy hospital on it.

Which we didn’t see there before but at this point we didn’t ask any questions we just wanted to get everything over with. So we walked to the emergency part of the hospital and took a seat in the wating room which was strangely int the back of the hospital. Once we all sat down I started to notice the people that were also waitin to see a docter. The first thing I noticed was how quiet calm everyone there was, they all seemed to have the same expression on their faces blank and emotionless!! Like they were zombies with no soul. After a minute of freaking out I shook it off and walked to the nurses station to get my friend checked in, once I got to the desk I started tellin the middle aged lookin nurse about my friend and his injury but she paid me no mind az if I wasn’t standing there!! I said hello to her 5 or 6 times before she angrily told me the docter will be with you shortly!! Wow that was strange but hey long as we are getting help I not gonna complain.

So I sat back down and waited with my two friends, after about 10 minutes the docter comes out and calls all three of our names Hmmm that was weird I didn’t even get a chance to tell that ride nurse our information how does he kno that? Shaking it off again we all follwed the docter down this very long and cold hallway, which our room was at the end of. Az we walked down the hallway I got a chance to glance into some of the patients rooms when we walked by them. The first person I saw was this very young guy rocking side to side in his bed, he seemed like he was on drugs or somethin but when he noticed I was looking at him he gave me a creepy smile and waved at me. The smile he gave me made me thing that he wanted to kill me it gave me shivers all over!!

Then the next room we walked by had a attractive women in it. But this women was acting very strangely she was lookin all around her as if a un seen person was trying to attack her, she looked so scared and paranoid I almost wanted to help her. But when she noticed I was looking at her she gave me a look of pure hate and evil. I never saw this woman in my life but the way she looked at me u would think I rapped her or killed her kids or something it was pretty weird!!

Then right before we reached our room I got a look into the room next to it and there he was the same old man that sent us to this crazy place. Just standing there smoking a cigarette with that same I know something you don’t know look on his face but before I could say anything the docter pushed all three of us into the hosptial room.

As we all sat down we all had were pretty confused and freaked out about what was goin on. Then the docter says in a demanding voice I will be back and leaves the room, once he left my injured friend leaned over and asked me since we have been here have u seen any other nurses or docters? That’s when it dawned on me where the hell where the other hospital staff? Besides the docter and rudest nurse in the world we didn’t see any other workers there what the hell kinda place is this?

But before anyone could answer the docter walked back in with a needle and gave my injured friend a shot in his arm. Then he walked out again, damn what kind of docter just sticks you with a needle and shoots god knows what into u. But before u kno it the docter was back this time telling me and my other friend that they were going to have to run some test and that we should go wait in the waiting room. So me and my buddy got up and started towards the door before we left the room I turned around to tell my friend we were right down the hall but I stopped mid sentence because I noticed my injured friend had the same blank and soul less look on his face just like the people in the wating room.

But before I could say a word the docter closed the door and assured us that our friend would be fine. So we made our way down the cold hallway back to the waiting room where the people were still sittin ther looking like soulless zombies. We both didn’t want to sit with these people anymore so we decided to go out side for a cigarette and smoke the rest of the weed we brought from the coffee shop. As we sat and talked about all the weird things that were goin on my friend said somethin that gave me goosebumps. He said if he just cut his arm why do they need to do test? Once he said that I told him we should go and check on him just to make sure he is ok.

But when we went back into the hospital everything was different the building look old and run down not az clean and new as it was the first time, it looked like the place lohad been deserted for years! And there was no one there any more the zombie like people and the doc and nurse were no where to be found. So we ran down the hallway into the room where our friend had been and he was there. We check every nook and cranny of that place and still could not find him. So we ran out the hospital to find some one, to our surprize it was daytime and all the people were there and our hotel was where it was suppose to be. So we ran az fast as we could back to our hotel to call the police.

After 20 minutes a detective finally came and talked to us after telling him our story he had a look of confusement and shock he then began to tell us that the place were we where at was a hospital back in the 1940s but it wasn’t just any old hospital it was only for the criminally and mentally insane!! And one night the power went out at the place and all of the patients got out and killed the staff except for one docter and one nurse. It sent shivers up my spine I was so scared I couldn’t even move. So we never saw or hear from our friend again and the police never got any leads, we never returned there and I still wish to this day I never went there in the first place!!!!!!

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