I met up with a guy i had chatted with for a little while. We met for lunch on a work day, that way i had an escape and people expecting me back and knew where i was. I get there and he looks nothing like his pic. The difference? The pic showed the left side of his face. His right was mangled. He said he had been hit by a train. (??wtf??) Who doesnt mention that in conversation? Now, im not that shallow… so even though it was a shock, i was okay with it. Dude was obviously self-concious. The killer was he tells me how he looked me up on his office database and did a background check on me, since he works with Homeland Security. He wanted to make sure i wasnt a terrorist targeting him. Red flag. I pay the bill and dart back to work. As I’m sitting in my office telling my coworker about this freakshow, he calls. “Hey, just wanted to make sure you got back to work okay!” Yea, thanks… i survived the 6 minute drive. I get home from work, walk in the door and the phone rings. “How was the rest of your day at work? Did you get home okay?” Yeaaaaa…. I’m a big girl. I made it. He continues to do this the next morning to make sure i woke up okay, I had to tell him this wasn’t going to work out. Very, very awkward.

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