After talking to this guy for a couple of weeks on Okcupid we finally meet at a cafe. From the profile and the stuff we talked about he seemed pretty nice and after all I did tell him I was only looking for new friends nothing else. Having lunch with him was ok I guess…if you enjoy having your date just stare at your chest the whole time. We later on meet up at a bar and this time I brought with me a friend because it was late. I noticed he was completely ignoring my interests. He even went on talking about how Big his house is going to be and where he was going to celebrate his wedding day and how the wedding would look like. Every time I said anything he would just try to make a sexual joke out if it. ***Yes in know when people get nerves they tend to make weird jokes and talk about weird thing. I also get like that at times but hey? who doesn’t. I knew from the beginning that he was only going to be a friend if that. And the last time we hong out he crossed a line. He kept on asking/ inviting me over to watch a movie so I gave in. When I got there he was sitting in his boxers and nothing else! So I just sat on the other side if the couch kinda shocked. He then tried to feel me up and when I told him no he was got all surprised and said “but why? Don’t you want to share your boobs with your boyfriend?” At that point I got up and asked when we became official. So he then asked me to be his gf. I grabbed my bag and left.

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