She Turns Up the Crazy

So, I am supposed to meet this girl from OKC in the middle of the day. It is the end of September and the weather has been pretty nice, so I don’t wear a coat. When I meet up with her it starts pouring. We had made a plan to go to a park and drink 40’s and play on the swings. There isn’t a covered park near where we meet, so she offers to take me back to her place. We get super sloppy and she turns up the crazy a little bit, like reading Bukowski out loud to me and playing world music and dancing to it. Then she pounces me and we get all hot and heavy. Mid-coitus, I hear her front door open (we were in the bedroom) and she gets a look of horror on her face. She tells me I have to go out the window and basically throws me out into the rain with nothing on but a t shirt and my underwear. I am trapped out in the rain in her fenced in back yard, with my phone and I start getting really sick from drinking too much. She texts me saying her boyfriend that she broke up with the day before stopped by to get some things and that they were having a fight and I had to wait to come get my shit. I am soaked, super pukey and mostly naked. Finally I say fuck it and go back inside, just smile at him, and start getting my shit together. She comes in crying, saying that she hates him and asks me to make her feel better. I sloppily do what I can, then she passes out mid way. And I left. Moral of the story: dick+crazy=no

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