This Had to be Shared

Let me preface this by saying I’m not an amazing story teller, but this had to be shared. So in late January I have a week long texting conversation and really seem to hit it off with a beautiful, smart, nerdy girl I’ve messaged on OkCupid. I’m a bit of a closet nerd and don’t really show it all too much to people who don’t know me so we share a ton of interests. We decide to meet at a local Casino (Vegas residents) and immediately we’re having a blast, not a bit of awkwardness or dead air. We end up spending 7 hours wandering aimlessly while we talk about everything. Family, Friends, Goals, Job, etc. It progresses from there into a second date, a third date, a forth date and so on. I meet all her friends, which consist of a massive group of the extremely social awkward. I can see why she says she strictly dates outside her social circle. Not a big deal, I can get along with mostly everyone and at least find a way to relate to most people on some level. She lives in a house with about 6 other people. Ranging from bronies to definite aspergers cases. The 2 Couples in the house seem to really like me, and one other single boring awkward guy who really doesn’t interact with me or anyone at all much. So this progresses onward for the next month or so. We go on about 5 or 6 Dinner dates, I come over to her house after work and watch movies and hang out with her alone, or her roommates and friends and cuddle, all that jazz, etc. We speak daily via text, always a good morning, a good night. It seems like it’s going places but wasn’t quite at the “exclusive talk”. All of a sudden she begins getting a bit vague in texts, cancels a planned night out due to “allergies and sleep deprivation”. She tells me I should just come by some night after work this week. No biggie. Day or so later I ask her what night she’d like me to come by. No response. I’m not one to push at it so another day or so passes and I haven’t talked to her so I shoot her a simple message to see whats up. No response. I see her posting invites to some “secret surprise spur of the moment” party that no one has a clue what is. I’m at work and don’t bother to attempt to even ask her about it. Three hours later on Facebook pictures of her in a wedding dress and a picture of a bouquet are posted and made into her display picture and cover photo. All her friends congratulating her and saying she’s so “random”. She literally got married. Remember that single guy roommate that I mentioned earlier? Yeah that’s now her husband as of a few hours ago. She never really mentioned him as anything more than her roommate or even mentioned him much at all when we spoke of exes or past hookups. So she got married about 5 days after we saw each other last. I shot her a text basically with a “wtf?!” and have yet to get a response. tldr: meet girl. hang out past month+, she randomly gets married to guy.

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