Time to Kill

When I first moved to my present city, I had time to kill before a vacation. Lots of time. So I went out on a date with a guy from Nerve. He spent most of the date staring at me with a disappointed look on his face. The conversation was stilted – to the point where we started talking to the table next to us because we had nothing to talk about. While there clearly wouldn’t be another first date, I was totally fine with the idea of sleeping with him and never speaking again (I was in the midst of a dry spell and also fuck you I make no apologies). After the date, he said something along the lines of, “well, I don’t really think there’s any reason to go out again. There was no chemistry and the conversation was pretty bad.” I was taken aback. I mean, completely right, but damn, it’s not 100% my fault and who the fuck says that anyway? Anyway, he defriended me on facebook, I deleted his number and went on with my life. So fast forward to May of this year. I’m on OKCupid now, and while browsing, see that he is too. Same username, same pictures. I immediately “hide” his profile and forget about him until July, when I “viewed” his profile to see what would happen. What happened is that he messaged me and asked me out. And not to give me another chance. HE DIDN’T REMEMBER ME AT ALL. Really. Not even a little bit. What else could I do but say yes? A social experiment, right? I figured it would give me a) validation, b) a chance to see if I’d changed in a year, and c) a fun story. Due to various scheduling conflicts, we didn’t go out until last week. You could probably guess the results: he likes me and wants to take me out again.

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