Two Hours Just Slobbering Over Me

I live in a fairly small town so I thought I would give Plenty Of Fish a go to broaden my dating horizons. Got talking to a guy who was 36 (I’m 22 but hey I go for a for older guys). 6″2, ‘athletic’ body type, red hair. Says on the profile he likes travelling, is into dining out etc you know the usual speel, normal enough to warrant a response from me. We get talking and he asks me if I mind the age gap I say I don’t because I’m open to seeing anyone under forty as seen as you are it’s not a problem (take note). Anyway we get on fine, sure he sounded a bit stuck for conversation at times on the phone and maybe a bit of a stiff but my gran had passed away the week before and I dunno…Im gonna blame greif for my next decision which was meeting up. Met up with him had a drink, I think to myself this guys looks a little worn for 36 but he did say he’s a gardener so I can go with that, he might just be weather beaten. Anyway we have drinks, he’s normal we agree to meet again. The second date however he drives me to the fucking moors and spends a whole two hours just slobbering over me, I thought we were going for a walk then a drink. Oh no ‘spending time up here with you is better than any pub’ more sloppy kisses, him fucking moaning with pleasure, me praying for an end..escape not an option I’m two miles from the nearest sheep let alone a person. I manage to end my ordeal by turning a friends text into a family emergency he goes home. I think to myself I’m going to end it, but think to myself I might fuck and chuck ‘cos I’m a classy girl like that. But In the end he rings me about having tax problems or some crap I nearly fall asleep on the phone and realise I can’t spend another minute talking to this weirdo he’s boring and he has really weird vibe going on. But I dunno why I decided to google his POF I.d turns out… .he signed up to literally every dating site only on most he’s not 36 he’s 43. .signed up to about ten porn tube sites. .signed up to two swingers sites . On some of these sites he talks about how he wants a young plump girlfriend (yeah I’m a lard arse) , who loves to fuck black guys while he watches .he knows his place in life and black men are superior .watches bbw porn everyday .has pictures of his exes on a chubby chaser forum for his ‘brothers’ to look at. .on one forum he pretends he’s black. And loves big booty white women ( he’s fucking ginger) .explains how he’s only aroused thinking of young thick white girls sucking black cock. ( I feel sick thinking about his moaning when we kissed) Anyway, I’m now scarred from POF and think what a lucky escape I had from that creep, dread to think what he had in store for me, eurgh. Anyway the moral of those story is if you’re a secret pervert, don’t use the same username for everything .

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