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He had the same user name for his dating profile and a men’s divorce site. Probably used the same handle for his e-mail. So, I advise you all to google a user name, and e-mail prefix. I googled my own e-mail prefix, and oops! Found it in an old forum that I had completely forgotten about, lol.

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  1. One of my friends added someone on Feb that she knew from an old school and he started messaging her constantly, she refused to date him so he added me and started messaging me. He was like ‘are you single’ and then he’s like not anymore. And then I wouldn’t reply so he told me he was going to kill himself and then started telling me that he wasn’t going to ‘give me a ring anymore’. Then I was trying to sleep and he messaged me like 10 times asking if I was a virgin and calling me baby and then I blocked him.

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