Very Catholic

Not horror stories per say, but two odd encounters. Meet up with a really attractive guy who seems fun, we’re having a good time, and then he tells me he’s a virgin (he’s 26 at this point) because he is very Catholic, but had recently had a “degradation of morals” and just wanted to lose his v-card. This, on the first date. I think “don’t let crazy stick his dick in you” applies for this one. Second guy seemed funny and attractive in his pictures. We meet up at a bar; he has a potbelly, a terrible lisp and the entire night kept saying that he couldn’t pay attention to what I was saying because he couldn’t stop staring at my boobs. Literally he was staring intently at my boobs the entire night. I felt so violated. He texted the next day to ask to hang out again. Never responded.

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